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  1. Sylvia Morice says:

    Hello Sylvia,
    I´ve been very surprised, that there is a person with my full name – Sylvia Morice,
    I am born in Germany, 48 years old and a philosopher / musician.

    I thought to write books too, so it´s a stunning thing to see, that you are a freestyler – free in mind – creative.. I hope, this message (in the virtual bottle…) will arrive, wish you the best for 2014 – as we don´t know each other, I believe in karmic coincidence.

    Sylvia MORICE
    Germany, Munich (0049-(0)176/66 471 14)

    • sylviam says:

      WOW–I’ve never come across another Sylvia Morice either! Nice to meet you, Sylvia. I was born Sylvia Hicks and married my childhood sweetheart, Gary Morice, many years ago so have been Sylvia Morice since 1972. Good luck with your future writing adventure…and stay in touch–I believe in karmic coincidence, too, so there must be a good reason that you came across my name and my blog. Happy 2014.

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